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Age 2

Minis (Parent & Me)

Designed for toddlers and parents as a fun first experience with baseball!

Minis is designed for 2 year old boys and girls to introduce them to baseball fundamentals with the comfort of their parent at their side. We use fun drills and games to introduce them to hitting off a tee, throwing, catching, fielding, running, and physical activity. Our coaches work with the children and parents in small groups and provide positive reinforcement. An unforgettably fun experience for you and your child!

Ages 3-4


Designed for 3-4 year old boys and girls as a first introduction to baseball or a continuation from Minis.

The Littles program is designed for young children to start their journey with baseball. They’ll learn the proper techniques for hitting, throwing, catching, fielding, and running in a fun, non-competitive environment. Our program supports physical development, motor skills, focus, and following instructions. This is a great social introduction to a team environment with a coach, and provides your child the foundation for success at the next level.

Ages 5-8

Big Hitters

Designed for 5-6 year olds to improve their skills or 7-8 year olds as a first introduction to baseball.

Big Hitters has been designed for children at any skill level. Our coaches split the children into small groups so they are surrounded by other children at a similar level. Your child will learn to hit, throw, catch, field, and run with proper technique through games and exercises in a fun, non-competitive environment. While learning the game of baseball, our program teaches athletic skills and supports physical and personal development. This action-packed program gives your child the foundation for success in baseball at the next level.

Ages 5-8


Designed for 5-8 year olds that have 2+ years experience in baseball programs.

The All-Stars program is for 5-8 year olds with experience in baseball who are looking to improve their skills and compete at the next level. All-Stars helps children prepare for competitive Little League and softball, and can be done along with the competitive programs to further develop skills and improve performance. Our experienced coaches teach proper techniques for hitting, throwing, catching, pitching, fielding, and base-running. Little Sluggers All-Stars establishes the right foundation for success with baseball at the next level.

The Little Sluggers Experience

We aim to ignite enthusiasm in children ages 2-8 for the game of baseball. However, we understand and wholeheartedly believe that to excel in America’s favorite pastime, children must be given age-appropriate activities to not only strengthen their core, but also fine-tune motor skills. To us, this means your kids are athletes first and baseball or softball players second.

Our program is different - it's designed that way. We’re not focused on quick results - we want to work with parents to develop long-term athletes who develop into baseball and softball players.


Our programs run for six weeks, ensuring enough time for our athletes to learn and master the proper skills the correct way. Every session is 60 minutes.


Each session is packed with activities and stimulating exercises, leaving no room for the kids to get bored or antsy. For groups of more than six kids, there will be two coaches and two stations.


Six kids to one coach.


All coaches must pass an extensive training program created by one of our founders, Milo Bryant. They must also pass a CORI background check. Keeping your child safe is our top priority at all times.


Kids who want to be athletes want to look like athletes. The required uniform includes a jersey, baseball pants, belt and hat. For the Minis program, a t-shirt is provided for the parent too.

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